Tuesday, January 25, 2011

have u watch

i've watch it several days ago . i love this movie so much! omg!! sngt mnyentuh prsaan..actually sy da tngk movie ni bnyak kali..sangat tidak bosan, =). I love I love I love it! While i'm watching this film I alwyas thingking bout u..about us! I think I’ll be nice if we can watch it together.=( herm .ni x..bile kite tngk movie je..mesti movie ganas2..perang2 kn boo kn..adoii....well..we alwys do have fight but we can’t
stand too long. It doesn’t matter who’s did it or who's start first.. i tetap syg u. nobody can replace u syg. thnxx boo.umake me learn about being loved and how to love someone..
ok..maaf..sy da t'pesong jauh dri crite...tibe2 crite psl diri sndiri..ngee..
ok2..sy da ngantok..nk continue tidoq..

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